1 Year Anniversary!

Hey peoples! I literally just found out that it's my 1 year anniversary of this blog. Honestly, I had no idea... Is it just me or did the 2017 year go by really fast? Because I'm still shocked at how it's already 2018 when I feel like 2017 barely happened. I mean, I don't post … Continue reading 1 Year Anniversary!



Hi, everyone! So, here I am... looooooooooong time no see. So, what happened is that I needed to go to Paris because my mom's second cousin's neighbor's fish gave birth. It was touching. There was horrible wifi there so I couldn't do anything. Therefore, I did not post.   Just kidding! I was meaning to … Continue reading Update!


Hi, peeps! Okay, that was weird, won't do it again. Actually, every night before I go to sleep, I shout goodnight peeps in the general direction of my family. They don't respond... Anyways! I haven't posted in a while cause like I said I'm inexperienced and am subject to a tad bit of stupidiocy. So, … Continue reading God..LIFE!